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What You Can Experience During Caribbean Sailing Vacations

If you want to see the real beauty of the Caribbean, sailing vacations are the best way to do it. Caribbean islands look like they were especially created for sailing vacations. They have many small islands and coves to drop your anchor in. But there is a lot more to it than sailing. A sailing vacation is really all about discovering and exploring a new island. You can also go for scuba diving, sailing, sunbathing, snorkeling and more.

The British Virgin Islands are the most attractive vacation destination in the area. They have wonderful marine life and beautiful beaches. The biggest island in the British Virgin Islands is Tortola. There you can also find a small airport. Due to the fact that Caribbean sailing vacations are more and more popular, the number of sailors has increased a lot in the last several years.

Inhabited by people who speak French, the Grenadines are also very popular. However, the only transport mode among these islands is by boat. St Kitts, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Tobago and the Cayman Islands are also very beautiful. The best time to go to the Caribbean is in November or between March and May. This is because the islands are not very crowded and you can fully enjoy their beauty.

Caribbean sailing vacations can offer you more than adventure. There are multiple attractions you can enjoy, such as native foods, folk dances and the like. These islands have a lot of wonderful places to go on your sailing vacation. For example, St. Lucia Island, or the Jewel of the Windwards, offers the most spectacular view with its lush green vegetation. From St. Lucia you can go to Tobago and Bequita Cays through the most spectacular open water passages.

Tortola is another amazing sailing location in the Virgin Islands. It can offer you the most amazing landscapes, flooded caves, coral reefs, etc. After finishing your exploration, you can relax in one of the shops, beach bars, candy stores or luxury resorts. You may also want to consider visiting Abacos Island in the Bahamas, located east of Florida. You can see the numerous barrier reefs, historical sites and scenic spots. Restaurants, hotels and resorts on the shore are also available.

So whether you want to spend the most beautiful days of your life with your family, your colleagues or your friends, there is nothing more exciting and adventurous than Caribbean sailing vacations.