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BVI Yacht Charters

Visiting BVI – Yacht Charters as Your Home at Sea

For many people, the perfect exotic vacation means touring BVI, yacht charters offering all the comfort and luxury anyone could want on such a journey. The members of the crew are always at your disposition, following your orders and pampering you, so that all the worries and stressful everyday problems of your crowded city life can become distant memories.

Fascinating BVI – Yacht Charters Take You Anywhere You Wish

The special, enchanting atmosphere of the British colonial period can still be felt and smelled at every corner, as you take a walk on the streets of Antigua. The Redcliffe Quay is a splendid combination of old and new, the massive, dark buildings once used as warehouses being transformed in brightly painted cafes or bars, where you can savor your free glass of rum while listening to the bands performing local music.

Nevis is another island where history is still present, numerous houses dating from the 18th century being conserved in perfect state. The law that forbids the buildings to be taller than the palm trees dates from the same periods and it is still in force, allowing the palms to protect the town and its inhabitants as dedicated guards.

However, the main reason why tourists come to BVI – yacht charters being the mean of transportation many of them choose for their trip – is the possibility to practice different water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, sailing and scuba diving. For all these, Antigua, Saba and especially Les Saintes, offer excellent conditions.

You can bring an underwater camera with you or rent one from the numerous centers spread across the islands, in order to capture on film the breathtaking marine landscapes created by the coral reefs and by the numerous creatures that populate the waters.

Dominica is famous for its eco-diversity, more than 160 bird species populating the rainforests here. The century-old, imposing trees and the numerous waterfalls complete the picture of this fascinating patch of land surrounded by emerald-green waters under a sapphire-blue sky. Once you visit Dominica, you can never forget it.

Sailing to BVI – Yacht Charters as Floating Homes

Embarking on a ship, with a crew of well-trained sailors and stewards at your disposition, having the freedom to establish the route and enjoying all the comfort you had at home is the perfect image of a dreamlike vacation. You will certainly be pleased to discover that life on board of a ship is far from boring, because there are plenty of things you can do every day.


Relaxing on the deck, in a hammock and enjoying the stunning view of the open, endless sea is a way of leaving everything aside, of not thinking about the stress at your working place. If you still have some urgent problems to solve, you can use the special cell phone included in the equipment, or even send a message on the radio.

The flat screen TV in the main cabin is connected to satellite transmissions, so you can follow your favorite programs and stay up to date on the most recent events from all over the world.

The hot water shower and the bath tub contribute to the high level of comfort, making you feel at home even when you are surrounded by the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is the most relaxing and pleasant way of spending a vacation – the BVI yacht charters!