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Virgin Islands Yacht Charters: Do Not Miss the 3 Most Beautiful Attractions

Hiring one of the Virgin Islands yacht charters is a good idea if you plan to have a most beautiful and relaxing vacation. The British Virgin Islands is certainly one of the most amazing vacation destinations. The BVI’s is made of about fifty islands that are quite easy and comfortable to sail. These islands offer many adventures and several attractions you cannot miss.

The Baths are located at the south of Virgin Gorda; this place is very popular due to its beautiful landscape. The half-submerged rocks and the immense granite boulders mark the seashore of this island and create arches, tunnels and grottos. Coconut palms line the great sandy beaches, making this area the perfect place to explore, snorkel and swim.

Devil’s Bay is another place you should visit on one of your sailing vacations. And for people who love the Virgin Islands, yacht charters are the best way to explore this area.

The Bitter End Yacht Club is another attraction you should see in the Virgin Islands, located at the northern part of Virgin Gorda. It is to be noted that North Sound is known as the home of the pirates Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake. This area was an adventurous destination for courageous sailors in the 60’s. When the Hokins arrived, they fell in love with this place and transformed it into a modern resort.

The Bitter End Yacht Club offers multiple shore-side services like a pool, marina, beach, restaurants, bars, a spa and water sports. Another yachting landmark is the Clubhouse Steak and Seafood Grille; it can offer you the best Caribbean lobster with butter along with homemade breads and soups. And, when it comes to discovering the real beauty of the Virgin Islands, yacht charters are the most adventurous method to do that.

Jost Van Dyke is a small island known for its fine beaches, comfortable bars and local restaurants. Foxy’s Bar is the native place of the famous drink Painkiller. Although Jost Van Dyke is a small island, measuring no more than four by three miles, it has a rich history. It has been the home for English, Dutch, Caribs and Arawak Indians. William Thorton, the architect of the United States Capitol, was born here.

Great Harbour is another interesting spot you should not miss. The Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay is famous for its Caribbean cocktails. You can also see East End, Diamond Cay, Desert Cay and more. So if you plan to visit the Virgin Islands, yacht charters can transform your vacation into a real beautiful dream.