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Tips to Take into Account When Booking Virgin Island Sailing Charters

There are hundreds of companies specialized in Virgin Island sailing charters you can contact either directly or through a broker. Depending on your sailing skills, the level of help you want on your sailboat adventure and your idea of what your vacation should entail, there are a variety of things you need to take into consideration.

What Is Your Sailing Experience?

First of all, when contacting any company, you should expect them to test or at least ask about your sailing skills. Submitting bareboat sailing resumes is often a must, and some charters will also ask you to participate in a short test sailing around the docks before they will hand a boat or yacht over to you.

The resume will have to include answers to whether you’ve charted in the past, participated in long distance sailing adventures or whether you were accredited by any major yachting or sailing associations.

Your sailing experience will likely have a great impact on how the company in charge with Virgin Island sailing charters will view you as a candidate for bareboat arrangements, since the lack of a crew will put more pressure on you as being the captain of your own boat.

Dealing with a Charter Company

When dealing with charter companis, you need to remember that some of them are stricter than others in the interest of keeping their clients safe. Before taking part in any sailing endeavor, always remember to ask questions about exactly how much freedom you will get while you’re on the yacht and what the crew and captain’s approach towards you will be.

It you plan on taking part in a bareboat sailing experience, and your skills are only moderate, you may either want to take a few sailing lessons or keep a professional captain on the boat at least for the first few days. This will ensure you and the other passengers’ safety throughout the boat trip.

Yacht Equipment You can Use

When looking for Virgin Island sailing charters, it is important to search for companies that will offer you the equipment and accessories you need to make your trip as interesting, luxurious or challenging as you want it to be.

Sopris Charters, one of the most well-known Caribbean sailing charter companies, will not only provide you with a high quality sailing yacht and an experienced crew throughout your sailing trips in the Virgin Islands; we will also offer you all the equipment you need, from flat screen TVs, air conditioning MP3 and audio CD players to snorkeling equipment, fishing gear, global GPS or SSB radio.

The wider the variety of equipment types you get from the company offering Virgin Island sailing charters, the easier it will be to enjoy every moment of your vacation safely and elegantly.