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Wow! What a week! Life aboard the Sopris was amazing! You gave us an equal dose of rest and adventure! Your hospitality went way beyond our expectations. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us!

The islands physical beauty – the lush greens of the tropical vegetation – the ribbons of white beaches – the sunsets with their rainbow colors were all ours thanks to the travels on the Sopris! You know – you can see all this from a large cruise ship as we’ve done in the past, but, you can’t experience and/or live the island ambiance on those large floating cities.

We loved the sailing (being under sail)! The old salt, Bob, was really enjoying himself. After lake sailing this was an amazing rush for him. It was great rolling with the seas and breathing that salt air. Thanks, Captain Chris!!

Beyond all the above, every day was such an adventure! Seeing the different islands – each with their own charms and amenities and the snorkeling! Each place you took us was better than the one before! This is the best snorkeling we’ve ever seen!!

Ok, now we get closer to our hearts. Our stomachs! Thank you, THANK YOU, Robin for the wonderful meals!! I really must admit that was my favorite part. All your meals were so creative and tasty!! You pampered us and spoiled me. It’ll be a long time before I forget the gourmet goodness you provided us!!

Need we say much about that Devil Rum?! How totally “on vacation” it is to sip Rum & Coke for lunch, before sunset, after sunset, etc….

The bottom line… this was the most wonderful week we’ve spent together as a couple!! It was the perfect way to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! Thank you from the top of our sunburned heads to the bottom of our sea legs (toes) for offering us such an experience!! Thank you for sharing your home! With our sincere appreciation!!