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Sailing Charters Caribbean

Sailing Charters – Caribbean Holidays Made Unforgettable

There are numerous companies that rent sailing charters, Caribbean tourist destinations being much more accessible and pleasant to explore in this way. You can do everything at a slow pace, establishing the course you desire, sharing the charter with the people you love, not worrying about a tight schedule, ship regulations or anything a typical cruise would impose.

Visiting the Virgin Islands on Sailing Charters – Caribbean Secrets Unveiled

The archipelago known as the Virgin Islands is subdivided in British, US and Spanish Virgin Islands. By visiting the last group of islands, you have the privilege to discover the jewel in the Caribbean Sea’s crown. Having a mild, sub-tropical climate, the region is protected from excessive humidity by the winds blowing from the East.

The variations between the winter and the summer temperature are insignificant, of less than 5 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. From this point of view, the Spanish Virgin Islands are ideal to be explored from October to August, the following period being marked by the threat of the famous Caribbean hurricanes.

If you are interested in seeing unique, endangered species of marine creatures, the Island of Culebra is the place to go. The natural reservation covering 1,400 acres is the ultimate refuge for the Culebra giant anole and for the leather-back turtle. Apart from this, the island is the perfect nesting place for numerous species of sea birds.

Equipment for scuba diving and snorkeling can be found on most sailing charters, Caribbean tourists being very fond of water sports. There is no such thing as a perfect place to practice these activities on Culebra Island, because every spot offers excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.

If your idea of a perfect tropical vacation consists in lying on a silver-sanded beach, with a book in your hand, with the sea breeze playing through your hair while you catch the perfect tan, you can forget about the crowded resorts and choose one of the isolated beaches on the Culebra or Vieques Island.

Sailing Charters – Caribbean Comfortable Holidays

Imagine what it feels to wake up every morning and admire the sun rising from the crystal clear waters of the sea, with the breeze gently cooling your face, not from some hotel room in a hotel, but on the deck of a sailing yacht. A marvelous sensation, isn’t it?

Life on board of a boat does not mean lack of comfort, but on the contrary. The cabins offer you excellent conditions, from the extra-large beds where you can have a comfortable sleep to the air conditioning system that ensures perfect temperatures anytime. You also have a completely equipped kitchen, with a freezer to store food for longer period of time.

For complete on-deck relaxation, hammocks are also provided, so admiring the fascinating sea and the blue sky, with the islands appearing as dark patches on the line of the horizon could not be more pleasant.

Besides your clothes, the only thing that you need to bring on board of the sailing charters – Caribbean islands offering many fascinating panoramic views – is a camera, to capture the peace and the beauty of the sea, the feeling of freedom it inspires.

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