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Preparing for a Long Caribbean Sailing Holiday – Useful Tips and Advice

A long Caribbean sailing holiday can be as dangerous as it is exciting, especially for those who are not very experienced out at sea. Long term preparations are an essential necessity in such cases, and choosing a reliable crew, a sturdy boat and the best supplies may be more important than you think.

Plan Your Trip Properly

When it comes to a longer trip, make sure the chartering service you contact can provide you with a licensed crew and a new, resilient boat that will withstand stronger tides and storms. The boat should present no problems – no matter how small. Also, the cooling, plumbing, refrigeration and all the other systems and electronic equipment should work perfectly.

Before setting sail, spend some time with the crew and get everyone acquainted – especially if you’re taking more than one person on the trip. A strong bond between you, your family/friends and the crew is essential for cooperation purposes, and may even help you learn more about sailing.

Finally, plan the date of your departure in accordance with the weather forecast. A Caribbean sailing holiday can actually provide a number of ideal locations and routes for a long term trip, due to the year-round moderate and stable temperatures that the tropical climate offers which only add minute variations to the weather patterns from time to time.

Stocking Up on Supplies

If you hire a crewed chartering service, the crew will likely know to advise you on the types of foods and supplies to take with you. A lot of non-perishable food is advised, as well as items such as first aid kits, essential and prescription medicine, inflatable lifeboats, fire extinguishers, as well as smaller items like hats, towels, sunscreen, light clothing, sunglasses and laundry detergent will also be required.

Even the longest begins with one small step, and by properly organizing all your planning tasks, you will ensure that everything will be in good order to see your journey safely through to the end.