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Important Things to Consider When Chartering a Sailboat in the Caribbean

For both experienced sailors and tourists who just want to go on a sailing adventure, chartering a sailboat in the Caribbean is quite easy, depending on the things you require.

Those used to taking care of all sailing tasks on their own, for instance, may choose a bareboat charter, while voyage and time charters are generally reserved for people who want to book a sailing trip for a specific time or to a particular location for vacation purposes.

Chartering a Sailboat in the Caribbean – Before Leaving the Docks

As a safety precaution, when chartering a sailboat – especially in the case of bareboat charters – it is very important to ensure the integrity of the boat before heading out to sea.

Here are a few aspects that need to be checked prior to leaving the docks:

  • Make sure the motor is operational, and check the water, oil, fuel and battery levels;
  • Check the condition of the ground tackle and the anchor;
  • Ensure that facilities such as lights, showers, refrigeration or stoves are working properly;
  • Locate useful items such as the toolbox and the emergency tiller.

Quality Control

There are a few strict quality control requirements that all charters, including those in the Caribbean area, need to comply to. You should always check the papers of a boat to ensure that nothing is missing, and the law also states that every chartering service needs to carry insurance papers.

Also, it may be a good idea to check a few reviews and ratings in order to make sure the boats you choose are in prime condition. Clients who may have recently chartered the sailboats for their own sailing trips will be able to provide you with a firsthand impression of the quality that the chartering service you want to use may provide.

Even though you don’t generally have to worry about quality control when , it is still a good idea to find out if everything is in order before embarking on your voyage, and you have every right to see all the papers and legal documents involved.