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Enjoy Sunny Vacations and Exciting Adventures with British Virgin Island Sailing Charters

British Virgin Island sailing charters have been in high demand in recent years, as an increasing number of people started booking trips to many of the main Caribbean vacation areas, the BVI having one of the best reputations of all in this regard.

The Scenery

The British Virgin Islands are formed of more than 50 volcanic islands and cays which create a unique, serene landscape rich in white beaches, palm trees and calm, deep blue waters made perfect for sailing trips by the trade winds which tend to temper the typically tropical climate prevalent in the area.

The crystal clear, easy-deep waters in the area, combined with beautiful beaches and rock formations, as well as numerous onshore locations to choose from have made the Islands an ideal spot for family-oriented vacations and relaxing sailing holidays.

Activities such as snorkeling and diving offer many attractions for tourists from all around the world, including coral reefs which are alive with hundreds of different tropical fish species, a large variety of exotic sea creatures and intriguing underwater geologic formations.

What Can British Virgin Island Sailing Charters Offer You?

Many of the BVI charters in the area will be able to point you not only to places where you can get inexpensive sailing trips, but also hotspots for super-yachts and crewed luxury yachts – some available through charters while others are private.

It is easy to find the best shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and yacht charter operators in the BVI, many of them being located close to each other on Tortola Island, the largest island (about 26 square km) with the largest population.

Other important locations include Norman, Peter, Dead Chest, Cooper, Great Camanoe, Ginger, and Anegada, the largest of which – apart from Tortola – is Virgin Gorda, an island measuring about 8 square kilometers. are quite easy to find, and can offer visitors the chance to view some of the best and most interesting locations on these islands, as well as many of the others.