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Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Caribbean Sailing Vacations – Live Unique, Beautiful Moments

The Caribbean sailing vacations combine your desire to explore exotic places and to experience new, thrilling sensations with your need for comfort, the ships having the power to turn into your own floating home away from home. You can opt for the classic solution of renting a crewed ship, or you can become the captain and lead your family members and friends as brave sailors.

Caribbean Sailing Vacations – What More Could You Wish For?

One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to embark on a ship is that they are afraid of losing their way and getting lost at sea. However, you do not have to worry about this aspect, even if you decide to rent a boat without crew. The sailing charters are equipped with ultra-modern equipment that ensures satellite transmission, cell phone signal and radio communications.

On the days when you are not in the mood to admire the sea and the cloudless blue sky from the hammock on the deck, you can test your luck by playing one of the parlor games available on board or you can burn off some calories with the help of the included sport dingy.

Some of your friends or family members may be passionate fishermen, ready to use their Caribbean sailing vacations as pretexts to practice their favorite sport. They will be more than thrilled to discover that most of the rental ships offer a complete set of fishing gear, so that they can contribute to the daily meals with fresh provisions of fish. If your friends catch the big fish, you can store the surplus in the roomy freezer in the kitchen, and cook it on the days when their luck is scarce.

As for the comfort of the cabins, you cannot possibly wish for more: plenty of space to arrange your clothes in the lockers, king size comfortable beds for a deep sleep and a bath tub with hot water, so that you can soak in and relax after a full day, are just the basic endowments you can rely on.

Caribbean Sailing Vacations – Water Sports and Breathtaking Landscapes

With the steady, gentle winds blowing from the northeast and the southeast, the group of islands known as Tobacco Cayes is ideal for practicing scuba diving and snorkeling. Most of the rental ships include the necessary equipment, so you do not have to bring it along from home.

The locals from these islands and from the closely situated Bequia Island are excellent hosts, allowing you to discover many centuries-old traditions in this area. A great festival is organized when the hand-carved wooden boats of the Bequia fishermen are launched to the water for the first time, and you can share their joy and food while listening to traditional music.


If catching the perfect tan and swimming in the emerald-like clear water of the sea is the main purpose of your vacation, the beaches of Moustique are ideal for this. There are a lot of anchorage places, so you can easily join the crowd or choose a more retreat spot.

Regardless of the routes you choose, the Caribbean sailing vacations offer you the occasion to live a unique experience and create some unforgettable memories.