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Caribbean Sailing BVI

Caribbean Sailing – BVI Tourist Attractions

If you are in love with open sea and boats and you dream of a vacation dedicated to Carribean sailing, BVI should be the first destination on your list. From the deck of a bareboat or crewed sailing charter, the landscapes appear more beautiful and the thrills of an adventurous expedition are more intense.

Caribbean Sailing – BVI Adventures in Full Comfort

Living in a hotel during an exotic vacation takes away a part of its specific charm and perfume, while staying on board of the ship you rent for the trip is not only a new and pleasant, but also a comfortable experience. No matter if the crew is also present or you and your friends take over the sailing responsibilities, the conditions offered by the cabins exceed even the most pretentious expectations.

If you want to stay in shape, regardless of where you go and for how long, the sport dingy on board offers you the opportunity to work out regularly. Relaxing in the crystal clear water of the sea is a way to put aside all the stress and worries associated with living in a big city. The floating, inflatable chairs and mats included in the equipment of the boat you rent make this activity even more pleasant.

Some of your habits from back home should not be given up during the vacation period, barbecue parties being one of them. The gas-powered grill on board does a perfect job for it, the meat, sausages and all the other ingredients being safely stored in the refrigerator and in the freezer from the ship’s kitchen.

Caribbean Sailing – BVI Ready to Be Discovered

The island of Saba, from the British Virgin Island archipelago, is a hot spot for tourists whose purpose is scuba diving, surfing or snorkeling. If you are fond of one or more of these water sports, the crystal clear water from this corner of Paradise, untouched by pollution and other negative effects of modern civilization, offers you the occasion to observe an amazing multitude of marine creatures hidden between coral formations.

Although most of the rental boats include complete equipment for scuba diving or snorkeling, you still have to use the services provided by the three specialized companies that operate on the island. The highly trained instructors offer you guidance and assistance, their presence being absolutely necessary in order to prevent any accident during the diving session. Another major attraction of Saba is the decompression chamber that allows you a faster recovery in case of injury or illness.


If total relaxation and sunbathing is the purpose of your Caribbean sailing, BVI are famous for their silver sanded beaches, Antigua being the favorite destination of those who prefer the shadow of the palm trees and the cooling of the breeze to the agitation of a classic sea resort. If hiking is your modality to stay in shape, you can test your ability and stamina on the hiking trails of the Saba Island.

In the end, the most important thing is that you will get back home with a lot of unforgettable memories from your holiday of Caribbean sailing – BVI never cease to amaze people in different wonderful ways.

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