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Booking USVI Sailing Charters for a Fun, Safe and Exciting Vacation

Hiring USVI sailing charters for your trip to the US Virgin Islands can quickly become a truly memorable adventure if you know exactly how to properly plan ahead for your journey.

The right company has a lot to offer in terms of quality services, friendliness, professional conduct and the provision of a sailboat that won’t give you any trouble along the way.

Why Choose USVI Sailing Charters?

There are several good reasons why a sailing charter company can be a great choice for your visit to the US Virgin Islands:

  • The company can provide you with a modern sailboat fitted with all the equipment and safety accessories you need.
  • You can choose to have a bareboat adventure if you have all the necessary sailing skills.
  • A chef will be there to make sure you have the best food on your plate every day of the journey.

The captain you are provided with is more than just a tour guide and the man in charge of running your boat. In most cases, he is also a very friendly individual who will keep you company and who knows when to back off and give you space.

Planning a safe and memorable journey under these circumstances can become a total breeze. You’ll get to visit all the most beautiful and significant places in the US Virgin Islands while receiving advice and support for solving any problem.

Tips for a Safe Journey

When contracting USVI sailing charters, you will find that most accidents and problems take place during bareboat sailing. Following are a few simple but highly important safety tips you should take into account before considering these types of trips:

  • Always take life jackets along, and for night travel, make sure you have flashlights ready, as well as a 360 degree white light.
  • If the sailing charters don’t supply one, take a handheld radio with you in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your crew knows how to tie a basic sailing knot. This can be very important for keeping your boat on course.
  • Just like when driving a car, alcohol and sailing don’t mix, so ask someone else to take charge if you’d been drinking.

Of course, the best way to avoid any issues regarding safety is to hire a charter company that can take all of them out of the equation. Sopris Charters, which can provide you with professional safety gear for all purposes and supply you with a crew (and captain, if needed) that will make it easy for you to fully enjoy your vacation, are among the most responsible and well-known USVI sailing charters you can hire